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How to Use OTT Party to Watch Movies Together Online

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We least required any introduction when it comes to understanding OTT Party extension. And majorly OTTParty itself, plus regarding how to use OTT Party online to stream with friends. Before we drag more, let’s know about the OTTParty from the very basics. So basically, OTTParty is an incredible streaming platform popular for providing entertainment at a worth-it level. Moreover, it's a worldwide accessible extension that lets you share your streaming experience from anywhere worldwide. Another exceptional use of OTTParty is that it lets you create watch parties with friends & family and stream with them in real-time sync. 

When accessing the OTT Party extension, users are not restricted to streaming only, as real-time chat is also available. Don’t worry because the story doesn’t end here, as there’s a lot more you can take into account while hosting a watch party. So without any further delay, let's put light on its functionality and processing; before we end. 

Use OTT Party Extension To Stream Online Easily 

Let's explore how to use OTT Party to watch movies together online effortlessly by installing its OTT extension. Which is a third-party extension that can bring something unusual and extraordinary to the table. To explore more on that, don’t forget to review the below steps:    

1. Extension Installation 

In order to install the OTT Party extension without any faulty information, visit its official website. But before this, you must have a compatible web browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Opera. Any safe & secure web browser except Safari. At the same time, ensure to have a compatible device as well, whether it's a Chromebook, macOS, or Windows. 

2. Pin the Extension

Once installed, pin the OTT Party extension to your browser's toolbar. Further, click on the "Extensions" icon, which you can find at the top-right corner of the screen. And then, pin the "OP" button to your toolbar to proceed further.

3. Visit the Streaming Website

Next, because your work doesn’t end at installing and pinning the OTT Party extension. Therefore, visit a streaming platform where you want to watch. And these are Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Hotstar, and Disney Plus. 

4. Play Video

Afterward, choose a movie, show, or streaming content that you want to watch with your friends and start playing it. Alternatively, you can select the watch party option available on streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max or Hotstar.

5. Create an OTT Party URL

To initiate a watch party and invite your friends, click on the red "OP" button next to the browser's address bar. Further, click on "Start a Party" to generate a watch party invitation URL. Ensure to share this URL with your friends who want to join the party. If you wish to have control over the watch party, select the "Only I have control" option.

6. Join an OTT Party

To join an OTT Watch Party, click on the watch party link you received from your friend. Clicking on the link will automatically redirect you to the virtual party where you can connect, have fun, and stream together.

Use OTT Party Extension Features To Bring Amazement   

What would be better than OTTParty amazing features to bring enhancement to your watch party experience? In this order, we will get some productive ones for you. If you like their functionality, then don’t forget to access them at your watch party. And these are:  

1. Worldwide Accessible   

OTT Party is accessible globally, allowing people from different countries and locations to join and interact at your online watch party. If your country is unavailable, you can use a VPN to change your location and activate your OTTParty subscription.

2. Customization effect 

Another one we have is to customize your watch party profile by choosing personalized nicknames. And also, select a cute or cool avatar for your profile picture.

3. Group Chat 

In the group chat option, engage in live chit-chat with your friends while streaming and sharing reviews, opinions, and funny emojis.

4. Complete Control 

As a host, you can have control over the watch party by enabling the "ONLY I HAVE CONTROL" button. This allows you to perform pause, play, rewind, and forward options during the streaming session.

5. Real-time Sync & HD Resolution 

Enjoy sharing your seamless streaming experience in real-time sync along with HD video quality.

6. Cost-Effective  

There’s no charge when it comes to installing the OTT Party extension, as it's completely available for free. 

Remember, the above collective information and instructions can be quite uncertain sometimes. Therefore it's always good to have a backup plan, which is the official OTTParty website. You can reference it whenever you want to and bring some more clarity regarding the OTT Party online streaming style. 

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